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Hi Gena, You’ll see how easy it is to publish a blog post. Once you login in to the WordPress backend, see the column on the left side of the screen. At the top you’ll see Dashboard, all the way down through Posts, Media, Pages, etc… down to Settings. It is from these links that […]

Global Artists FAQ

Adding New Media As you’ll see with most things, down the leftside column is a section Media with a camera/note icon. Clicking on that with take you to your media library. These are all the images that have been uploaded to and are used on the site. Click the Add New button to navigate to […]

Welcome to!

We’re glad you’re here. At Zaiderman Law Group P.C. we’re excited for the launch of our new website and looking to provide our clients with confidence into and through 2017. There’s been many changes around here lately and so much to talk about. We really need to get you up to speed. Here’s just some […]