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Adding New Media

As you’ll see with most things, down the leftside column is a section Media with a camera/note icon. Clicking on that with take you to your media library. These are all the images that have been uploaded to and are used on the site.

Click the Add New button to navigate to your desired media file and upload. This file is now uploaded and can be selected to insert into your blog posts, team headshots, etc..


Existing Page Edits

This will be a big one for you as you finalize and insert the copy for the site’s pages. It’s super easy. You could print this, or open it in a different tab to follow along for the first couple times.

  1. On the left side column, click on the Pages tab. There you will see all the pages that make up the website.
  2. Click on the title of the page you wish to edit.
  3. This is now the PageBuilder interface. These are the building blocks that make up the site’s structure and provides the skeleton for all of your content, If you take notice, you’ll see how it is a simplified, blocky replica of how the website looks/is structured on the front-end.
  4. For instance, take your Corporate Filings page. If you click on it to edit it, and get to the Page Builder screen, you’ll see the block SiteOrigin Editor at the top left of the block stack.
  5. Hover your cursor over the top right of that block and see options to edit / duplicate / delete
  6. Click Edit
  7. This takes you to the editable content, and an environment exactly like the blog posting interface, where you can type, format text, add images/media.

The process of editing these individual blocks, throughout all of your pages, is how you will edit, add, create and display your content.


Adding New Pages

If you find yourself needing or wanting additional pages, there are numerous ways. You could simply click on the Pages tab, left click Add New and build a page with the blogging interface, or click the PageBuilder tabe in the top right and play around building out your own page from scratch (which is fun!) but you would need to ascribe the proper right-side column page attributes, which could get a little tricky. Rather, I’d suggest duplicating an existing page and using that as a template for your new content. For pages that have, or you wish to have, top header images: navigate to the bottom the right-side column and either set or remove a Featured Image.



As an international artist, entertainer or performer, you understand that even small inaccuracies can toss well-planned tour logistics to the wind. When the Trans-Siberian Orchestra needed a detailed, bullet-proof logistical analysis of their travel and work visas for their 2016 Winter Tour, we were excited at the opportunity. The scale was rather large, as the TSO tour roster tops out at 365 crew, tech, drivers, performers and wardrobe so our team got right to work. Not unfamiliar ground for ZLG, but we’re always learning. And we learned something very interesting on this project..

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